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What we offer We provide the best integrated solutions to protect you.

We provide integrated solutions with Electronic Security, Automation, Audio/ Visual, Data Cabling and Ducted Vacuum.


Many people think Automation is just fancy or either a show-off product only. But it is not when you deal with capable designer and integrator. Here we summarise few scenarios to show how we could integrate security and Audio Visual devises with automation to work seamlessly together to make your house modern and enhanced.

Together make your home

  • More safer
  • More energy efficient
  • You can easily verify from office than speculate like did I Arm my home Alarm?
  • Did kids left all the blinds open? Lights ON
  • Who will water the garden while on holidays
  • Wife complains or reluctant to use theatre room without your help.
  • Automation basically enhances and simplifies your everyday life.
Scenario One

While you are peacefully sleeping in your house, intruders managed to enter downstairs.

Our alarm system with partially arm facility during night time will trigger noise to alert you and scare the intruder. Our automation system gets signals from alarm panel and checks the time and if it is night then it automatically switches ON the lights everywhere.

Scenario Two

Your teenage kid is the last one is leaving home and left all the lights on.

You at office and check home alarm status from your phone and ARM it. Alarm sends signal to the automation system and it switch off the unnecessary devices as per program and Close all your motorised window blinds

Scenario Three

Wife doesn’t know which remote to use or input to select to have movie night in your home theatre room and always look for your help. Of cause you are the genius of home theatre.Wife doesn’t know which remote to use or input to select to have movie night in your home theatre room and always look for your help. Of cause you are the genius of home theatre.

With one touch on IPAD switch-on, DVD player, Amplifier and projector. Automatically Chose proper HDMI input and output for movie night. She can adjust the volume from I-Pad and no need to speculate for which remote to chose. She could control the home theatre lights also from the pad while sitting on theatre.

Dynalite Hardwired Complete Automation Solution From Phillips

When we involved in your Dynalite project then we do your electrical design for you and then give documents for electrical work and manage whole electrical and automation project. Either we could handle the whole project or with your electrician.

Dynalite service we provide

  • On site programming of Dynalite systems
  • Testing and commissioning of Dynalite installations
  • Troubleshooting Dynalite system faults
  • Dynalite hardware and software upgrades
  • Ongoing maintenance of Dynalite systems

Push Controls

Home theatre and entertainment are an integral part of every-day living in this modern world. We are witnessing the transformation may be due toprice drop in theatre quality electronics and or the need for quality entertainment within in this fast moving schedule to relax.

Modern home theatre with multiple devices, Projector, A/V receiver, Amplifier, Blu-Ray, IP-TV, Radio, brings complexity in day today usage. Many remotes to control and very hard to remember which input to chose to operate Blu-Ray or IP TV, which output to chose TV rather than projector.

The PUSH Controls system injects harmony into this chaotic technological revolution, by streamlining everything to work at the PUSH of a button. Give simplicity a PUSH.


Yours greatest assets are most certainly your family and your home. With our expertise we are able to give you practical and useful advice to secure your greatest asset.

Our security solutions works for your home or your business place. Your home could be a apartment block or big mansion. Business place could be a shop or massive multi location industry. We are here to cater all your security needs.

Burglar Alarm And Back To Base 24hour Monitoring

Burglars less likely to target a well secured place with Alarm and CCTV. They naturally want easy prey. Our alarm system with well visible signs and outside strobes will deter them from even thinking about it. Adding CCTV camera and linked with back to base patrol group always make your home and loved one secured even when you are away from home.

Installing Alarm or CCTV camera is not just few cabling from each corner. When it comes to an experienced designer like us then we first discuss with you and decide the best position and angles to secure your whole property with minimal number of sensors or Cameras to reduce your unnecessary cost. Look for optimal location not for sensors and cameras but for keypad, main alarm panel, Video recorder and even cabling path.

Then we chose the type of alarm sensors or Camera and suitable lens and many other properties to suit your exact home or business. Below fully wired alarm package designed for single story house with power and telephone line already next to proposed alarm panel. Pricing include material, installation, warranty and GST.

$850 Three sensors Bosch. Below wireless alarm package may suit for double story building with power and telephone line on upper floor next to proposed alarm panel.

If you have a preference in brand name, please you can ask for any brands we almost carry every Australian reputed brands.

CCTV Installation

Statistic shows the common purchasers of security cameras are those who have already experienced some break in, suspicious movements or heard about home invasion of a neighbour or friend.

But most of us believe it will never happen to us. The simple truth is we have no way of knowing. Proper way is only we can prepare and deter.

When it comes to your business the benefits are countless

  • Identify delay and time wasting
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Resolve customer quarrels
  • Customer flow work scheduling & rostering
  • Unsafe and incorrect procedures by worker
  • Inappropriate physical contacts
  • Control business from phone.
  • Run more than one business comfortably with remote view.
  • Protect property


When it comes to school

  • Protect students, staff and asset
  • Explain and evident for an event
  • Activity of cleaners and workers after school
  • It will almost stop bulling

Below fully wired four cameras CCTV package designed for single story house with power and internet already next to proposed Video recorder location. Customer supply LCD monitor or we hook to existing TV if next to recorder. Pricing include material, installation, warranty and GST.

All four cameras come with waterproof, vandal proof casing and night vision capability.

  • High definition 720P resolution, 720P = 1280 X 720 lines on display this equates around 1Mega pixel.For $1200 with 1TB Hard disk.
  • Full High definition 1080P resolution, 1080P = 1920X1080 lines on display this equates around 2 Mega pixel for $1750 with 2TB Hard disk.
  • Quad High Definition 1440p resolution 1440P = 2560 x 1440lines on display this equates around 4 Mega pixel for $2800 with 4TB Hard disk.
  • Ultra High definition 2160presolution 2160P = 3840 x 2160lines on display this equates around 8 Mega pixel call us for pricing.

Solar Powered Construction Site CCTV

With our construction site CCTV system brings you many more advantages for you with minimal monthly cost of around $150+GST.

It will come with one time setting up and removal fee vary from site to site and cost you around $400.

Our Solar powered system overcome site power issues and virtually installed anywhere. Our system designed with WiFi and 4G wireless network.


  • Protects your tools and construction materials
  • You do not need to burn petrol and waste your valuable time on traffic to just check your site
  • Flick of your phone will help you to view your multiple site from your phone
  • Project management is much easier and all unwanted site events and accidents with evident to prove and prevent in future
  • Stops night time and weekend trespassing

Access Control

Access controls need simply start when many people need access thus a key for your high secured door. It is hard and then one stage impossible with traditional keys. Traditional keys are clumsy, hard to track, difficult to account. It is highly expensive and problematic if lost or stolen. Keys could be duplicated or being cut by staff without authority.
Access control controls solve all off the above mentioned issues with traditional key and bring you much more benefit.

With access controls, you are the key master, simply add and remove authority, of your staff for a particular door only, from your computer any time. It is not costly weather lost key, staff left or intake new staff just modifies authority from computer.

Monitor staff movements and hours. With access control you can know exactly when staff enter and leave designated areas. Logs of who goes where are available live and in 24/7 recall format. Limit time of access and staff for particular door and protect your valuables.

Cost of implementing an access controls system mainly depends on

  • How many doors
  • How many staff
  • What type of access control weather card , password, Fingerprint
  • Building structure and Cabling difficulty and length

Video Intercom

Customers want intercom for extra security, convenience and privacy. They want to see who is at the gate within the safety of home. Either they can initiate talk with them or simply ignore the call after seeing the video.

You needn’t rush to the door again as with the electronic locks you can even open from intercom.

Our intercom system goes further and let you to talk to the door remotely from your phone. Customer can answer the door with their phone while at office or overseas tour, Person at door has no clue about your absence from home.

  • Seven inch colour video intercom system fully installed for single story house starting from $770.
  • Intercom with remote phone communication facility for single story start from $1450.

Audio Visual

We are witnessing, having quality entertainment around home is becoming part of essential need while building a good home.

Home Theatre

Home theatre and entertainment are an integral part of every-day living in this modern world. We are witnessing the transformation may be due toprice drop in theatre quality electronics and or the need for quality entertainment, within their fast moving schedule,for relaxing.

Customers with the budget of $2k or $200k we design your customhome theatre system and install them. We put our expertise to design your theatre and select gadgets to suit for your exact need and budget.

Our service is flexible, for some customers we do custom design and we pass our design with the model numbers for customers to shop the gadgets and then we do installation.

We use customer’s builders and contractors to build their home theatre according to our interior design. This is the preferred popular cost effective method for new home builders. We manage the home theatre project for them and buy electronics and do installation.

Video / IR And Audio Multi Room Distribution

Without proper video / IR distribution and having more than 5 Television on wall with separate clumsy cabinet arrangement even at living and dining or on the outdoor BBQ area is hard toimagine for your beautiful home. It is even harder to sacrifice watching your preferred TV show or movie for the appearance of your home.

Customers with idea of having many television around home and do not want to keep clumsy gadgets and cables under the each TV cabinet have chosen this great idea.

Customer keeps all the devices, DVD, Blu-Ray, Pay TVand Radio, in home theatre and distribute throughout the house and watch from all the TV.

Infar red controls distributed throughout the house and customer control their devices at home theatre from their bed rooms or BBQ area.

We do customers video / IR distribution with, RF Modulators and or Video matrix.

Audio Distribution

When you have speakers in the ceiling and controllers on the wall to choose your preferred audio from six different sources could be the one most of customers want.

Having BBQ party and you chose music just for your outdoor speaker or throughout the house.

All your six music sources are kept in central location at home theatre make your home presentable with no sacrifice of your entertainment. Customer need to buy only one type of audio source for to play from everywhere and no need to carry the audio disk or other. Imagine all of the CD or Hard drive in one place and no need to search every kids room for to play your favourite singers song.

Back to Base

Our monitoring centre has Grade A1 accreditation, the highest Australian Standard. Our online web services are unmatched by our competitors, offering a suite of management and reporting tools for our customers.

CCTV camera with back to base monitoring service linked to patrol group always make your home and loved one more secured even when you are away from home.

Adroit partnered with many patrol groups to provide best possible service to our customers.

We offer our customers an additional very convenient service with no extra fees.Yes it is free and no extra cost for you. You could easily check your alarm system activities from anywhere in the world and Please follow the below link

Electronics Design Service

When you have no solution out in the market please do not hesitate to approach us. We specialised in microcontroller based electronic design service. We do Assembly or C programming to do compact cost effective solution microcontroller based.

  • Electronic design
  • Component and microcontroller select
  • Firmware development
  • Testing on development board
  • Schematic capture and PCB design
  • Prototype manufacturing and testing

Few Of Our Projects

Temple Queue Machine

Queue machine is designed from scratch for their canteen specific need. System consists of one master display with two slaves. All three boards are linked wirelessly through TI simpliciti protocol andEach board separately powered by TI MSP430 microcontroller

Domio pizza cool room door alarm: Stand alone alarm designed to monitor door open for too long to save foods and power.

Free range Poultry farm door controller: open and close door automatically for the chickens to go out in the morning and return when sunset

Construction Site CCTV Camera

This project being involved with electrical, Electronic mechanical and Civil Engineering design. To make our design optimum we have foreseen and considered many issues including wind force, Soil quality and basement depth, Steel pipe diameter and thickness. Considered winter sun shining duration, efficiency of DC- DC converters and Solar charging modules. We provide customer access through free WIFI link when they live closer to the site and paid 4G mobile access from remotely. Adroit renting the system for temporary worksite and selling for one off payment.

Nurse Call System

This simple nurse call system specially designed and installed for Macquarie Medical Imaging unit specific need within the budget. Here we used simple logic gates to design the complete need.

Other Products

Domio pizza cool room door alarm: Standalone alarm designed to monitor door open for too long to save foods and power. This can be linked to existing alarm system and can make the customer to be notified on their mobiles before the foods get spoiled.

Free range Poultry farm door controller: open in the morning and close door automatically at sunset for the chickens to go out in the morning and return when sunset. It saved chickens from dingo even in the holidays of their master.

Our Engineer designed microcontroller based many water quality handheld instruments for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

We have experience in designing wood SAP flow instruments and m